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Booking Conditions

How to Book

Contact Alzburg Resort, Mansfield on Free call 1300 885 448 or 03 5775 2367, via our website www.alzburg.com.au or through your local Travel Agent.

Booking Contract

A contract is formed between the Alzburg Resort and the person making the booking and/or those they are making the booking on behalf of.The booking is only accepted by the Alzburg Resort on the basis that you and / or those you have booked on behalf of accept the conditions listed below.

Payment Conditions

Full payment is required at the time of all one line and over the phone bookings. Credit card or cash bond is required at check in for all bookings. Failure to make payment by the due date may result in the cancellation of your booking without prior consultation.

Cancellation Policy

All deposits are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Peak Seasons (winter, School and Public Holidays, Saturday Evenings). Bookings must be cancelled more than fourteen (14) days before arrival to receive refund of monies paid less one night ac

Off Peak Bookings

Bookings must be cancelled 72 hours before arrival and no refunds within 14 days of arrival. A fee of one night’s accommodation will apply.

On Line Bookings

Peak season: Cancellations not accepted within 14 days of arrival Off Peak season: Cancellations not accepted within 48 hours of arrival

Group Bookings

Peak season:

If booking cancelled outside 14 days of 50% cancellation fee applies and a 100% cancellation fee will apply if cancelled within 14 days of arrival. Off Peak season: If booking cancelled outside 14 days then a 20% cancellation fee applies and a 100% cancellation fee will apply if cancelled within 14 days of arrival.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend travel insurance cover against cancellation, personal liability and theft of your luggage or equipment. Insurance is available through your local Travel Agent.

Special Conditions on Ski Tours

These special conditions apply to all coach packages. The Road Traffic Authority does not permit alcohol to be consumed on board the coach. The contractor shall not be liable to the client should the client suffer. Smoking is not permitted on board the coach. Every passenger is allowed one suitcase, hand luggage, boot bag and skis

Transport to Mt Buller

The term refers to the coach parking area at the Skating Rink or Horse Hill Car Park. Any additional transport required is at passengers own expense.

Ski Hire

Skis and snowboards along with a full range of clothing and accessories are available to guests, tour groups and the general public from the Alzburg Resort. A deposit is required when hiring equipment. Deposit is fully refundable when hire equipment is returned in the same condition as hired.

Conditions of Equipment Hire Contract

Subject to the following conditions, Alzburg Tours Ski Hire, (herein called the contractor) shall make available to the client, the equipment specified in the quotation on the front. The client shall compensate the contractor for loss of, theft and any damage (other than fair wear and tear) caused to equipment whilst on hire to the client. The client is responsible for all losses and or damages which arises for all costs and other expenses relating to or resulting from any breach of this condition. The client shall hold and keep the contractor indemnified from and against liability in respect thereof. The client shall not remove, deface or cover up any identifying marks or ownership on the equipment. The contractor shall not be liable to the client should the client suffer any loss, damage or injury (including death) arising out of or incidental to the use of the equipment whether or not such loss, damage or injury (including death) is caused or contributed to by any negligence on the part of the contractor or its servants or agents. The client shall indemnify the contractor from and against liability in respect of claims arising directly or indirectly out of the use of any equipment whilst under hire to the client which indemnity shall extend to and include all costs and expense incurred by the contractor in respect of any claim therefore made upon it of investigating and/or defending the same. The client agrees not to dry boots in any form of oven or stove, in front of an open fire or in a drying room as temperature over 100 degrees F. Any breech of this term will constitute damage referred to in condition 2 hereof.

Toboggans must only be used in designated areas

Ski Lifts

Alzburg Resort has negotiated special ski lift packages but cannot be responsible for any action taken by Buller Ski Lifts due to weather conditions, breakdowns or other non-recurring factors. Alzburg Resort is not responsible for any ticket loss, not fully used or lessons not availed. No refunds are available.

Ski Guarantee

Provided by Buller Ski Lifts and Alzburg Resort Mansfield, a SKI GUARANTEE package provides a MONEY BACK guaran on all prepaid accommodation, lift tickets, lessons and ski hire packages in the event that insufficient snow cover prevents any of the lifts covered by the SNOW GUARANTEE from operating, within 3 days of your scheduled arrival date. The SKI GUARANTEE covers a wide range of beginner and intermediate ski areas. The lifts covered by the guarantee are: Blue Buller 1 quad chair, and Holden Express (G Seats). Wombat Quad Chair, Shakey Knees, Summit Quad Chair, plus any two off the following lifts:
(Skyline T Bar, Howqua Bonza, North side Express and Koflers T Bar). Please note that the following conditions may apply: Lift closure due to weather, mechanical breakdowns or equipment failure, retail tickets purchased from mountain sales office or booking fees or commissions payable. This guarantee is valid only during the dates specified in the current seasons Snow Guarantee package from Queens Birthday weekend to end of snow season.

Alzburg Resort Commitment

Alzburg Resort believes that the accommodation and tour outlined in this brochure are a fair and honest description of the services as they are performed. It is important to understand however, that during the course of providing these services, acts of God, and a host of other non-recurring factors can influence the performance of the service. Alzburg Resort is not liable for any failure to meet a coach at the pre-determined departure point and cannot guarantee exact arrival or departure times. Any personal expense incurred as a result of delays to weather, road conditions, mechanical difficulty, or because or/for any other reason, are the responsibility of the passenger. Any person causing harm/harassment, inconvenience or damage to other persons property, or to be found to be excessively under the influence of alcohol or drugs whist staying at the Alzburg Resort or travelling on a coach package, will not be accommodated and will forfeit all money paid. Alzburg Resort reserves the rights to vary conditions, itineraries, or prices as it sees fit. All information contained in this document has been carefully checked to the best of our ability and was true and correct at the time of printing.